Life Cycles & Living Things

Kandiland Day School teachers are very focused on organizing activities to create the best learning experience for children. This month we learned about Butterflies. We brought butterfly eggs for the children that raised their curiosity, further learning, and activities.  We love projects because they keep them captivated in the learning and strengthen their sense of achievement!

Children used their observational skills to observe the metamorphosis of the eggs turning into butterflies over the following 3-4 weeks.

Children were engaged in sequencing the story.  They also used puppets and props to retell the story in their own words.  Children watched videos of the life cycle and related what they watched to real-life sequences.

While observing the eggs in the butter garden, the children were given the opportunity to count the eggs, how many became butterflies, wing symmetry, and also did some butterfly coloring/painting.

The children engaged in collaborative learning during this activity.  They practiced their verbal skills summarizing what they learned and used their listening skills as they discussed what they were seeing.

These learning experiences that the children engage in at Kandiland Day School are an extension of the children’s interests, curiosity, and emerging skills.  Not only do they learn about respecting each other and collaborating as they work together, but they also learn about other living things and how they enrich our lives.  They learn the importance of taking care of the environment and being responsible individuals!

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